Best 6 ft Step Ladder

Best 6 ft Step Ladder

Step ladders have been around for many years. They are indispensable when it comes to house painting, small electrical works and many other projects at home. The ladders made in recent times are stronger, lighter and more durable. They are convenient to stand on and safe to use. But choosing the best 6 ft step ladder can be tough especially if you want to purchase one for the first time. You don’t have to worry because we have used the last 48 hours to select the best products on the market to help you make an informed choice. So, read on as we make a comprehensive review of these products. Our selection is based on quality, durability and sturdiness. 

Our Top 6 ft Step Ladders 

  1. Little Giants 6 Foot Step Ladder 

The Little Giants 6 foot step ladder is a workhorse that helps you get the job with the utmost ease. It is an excellent choice for professionals and homeowners who are looking for an extremely light step ladder that is safe to use. It weighs just 17 pounds making it easy to be moved but also sturdy enough to hold up 300 pounds of weight. 

The step ladder has a slim profile for easy storage. Made from aluminum, the tool is heavy-duty and can withstand the rigors of daily usage. This step ladder is stable on the ground and does not make squeaky noise. You don’t have to climb up and down several times to pick up tools. This is because it has a tool tray that can store up your tools to make them handy. It is backed by one year warranty. 


  • Super light 
  • Easy to setup
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Offers foot support
  • Safe to use 


  • A bit pricey 

Key features of Little Giants 6 Foot Step Ladder

  • Quality construction

The step ladder is constructed from aluminum for enhanced quality and durability. Despite being light, it can handle 300 pounds in weight. 

  • Extremely comfortable – It offers complete foot support to ensure you don’t experience foot pain and fatigue while standing on it. It also comes with a tool tray for convenient tools storage.  

What buyers say about Little Giants 6 Foot Step Ladder

Many of the users made a lot of positive remarks about this step ladder while a few of them made some negative comments. They love the fact that it can be flipped and is also easy to set up. It is incredibly light and easy to move. Most of the complaints are about the price of the ladder. 

Why Little Giants 6 Foot Step Ladder stands out for me

The step ladder has hard rubber attached to its feet to make it stable on the ground. This ensures that it doesn’t wobble. It has extra-wide steps to reduce foot fatigue. This increases your comfort and extends your working hours. 

Who will find the Little Giants 6 Foot Step Ladder useful 

The step ladder helps you to handle small projects like home painting, pruning, wall screeding, electrical works, etc. It is the perfect choice for homeowners, electricians, contractors, painters, DIYs, etc. 

  • Louisville 6 Foot Fiberglass Step Ladder

This is a standard non-conductive fiberglass step ladder with heavy-duty construction. It is light weighing just 22 pounds but can support weights of up to 300 pounds. This ladder has got sturdy gauge metal top with spreader braces to ensure it stays stable and firm on the ground. It is sturdy and durable since it is made of aluminum. 

The rubber feet and steps are slip-resistant ensuring that you are very safe when working on any tasks. There are slots at the top of the ladder for holding paint cans and hand tools. The Louisville 6 Foot Fiberglass Step Ladder can be used to gain access to the roof, changing of bulb. It is suitable for indoor, outdoor, home projects and job site tasks.     


  • Sturdy and durable 
  • Lightweight
  • Non-slip rubber feet for stability 
  • Holds up hand tools and paint cans
  • Well-built  


  • No standing platform on the steps

Key features of Louisville 6 Foot Fiberglass Step Ladder

  • Spreader braces

This ladder has spreader braces that are pinch-resistant. When you lock in the spread braces, the ladder stays firm ensuring that it doesn’t fall apart.  

  • Safe to use – The ladder is not only easy to use but also safe to use. Its slip-resistant rubber feet help the ladder to safely stay in place. The fact that it is extremely light makes it easy to move from one point to another.   

What buyers say about Louisville 6 Foot Fiberglass Step Ladder

A lot of the users of this ladder love it because the price is budget-friendly. Another reason is that it is ultra-light and durable. Others noted that the ladder doesn’t have a standing platform on any of the steps.  

Why Louisville 6 Foot Fiberglass Step Ladder stands out for me

The ladder stands out for being lightweight and sturdy. It is constructed with non-conductive fiberglass. This means that the ladder cannot cause electrocution.   

Who will find the Louisville 6 Foot Fiberglass Step Ladder Useful

This ladder can be used to fix outdoor floodlights, prune flowers, paint walls, gain access to the roof, etc. It is suitable for roofers, gardeners, painters, electricians, homeowners and DIYs.

  • Werner 6 Foot Aluminum Step Ladder 

You can’t go wrong with the Warner 6 foot aluminum step ladder. It is ultra-light at 14 pounds and can accommodate a weight of 225 pounds. The ladder is made with painters in mind. It has a pail shelf that can hold gallons of paint. There is also a tray for holding tools for easy access. 

This ladder is made from aluminum for durability and the steps are slip-resistant to make it safe for users. To make the ladder stay in place, you can use the spreader braces to ensure the ladder doesn’t go apart. This ladder is rated type III.


  • Extremely sturdy
  • Incredibly light 
  • Strong and durable 
  • Slip-resistant steps
  • Comes with paint and tools tray 


  • Flimsy paint bucket holder 

Key features of Warner 6 Foot Step Ladder

  • Light and sturdy – This ladder is extremely light for anyone to use and carry no matter how old you are. It is also sturdy. It has a very good footing on the ground and it doesn’t wobble. 
  • Ideal for painters – The ladder has got everything to make it a painter’s step ladder. It has a convenient tray that can be used to store tools and slots for keeping paint rollers. You can also hang paint cans for convenience.  

What buyers say about Warner 6 Foot Step Ladder

Buyers have mixed reactions to the ladder. Many of them like the ladder for being lightweight, sturdy and durable. Others say the paint bucket holder is too weak.  

Why Warner 6 Foot Step Ladder stands out for me

It is exceptionally light. This makes it easy to move around even for senior citizens. The brace also locks in well to prevent a fall. The slip-resistant rubber feet make it safe to use.   

Who will find the Warner 6 Foot Step Ladder Useful 

This is the right ladder for your home improvement tasks. The ladder is mostly useful to painters. It can also be used by electricians, job site contractors, roofers, homeowners, etc. 

  • Louisville 6 Foot Double-Sided Step Ladder 

If you are looking for a heavy-duty 6-foot step ladder, the Louisville 6 foot double-sided step ladder is highly recommended. This is an industrial grade ladder made of alloy steel for increased durability and sturdiness. It has a load capacity of 300 pounds. This includes the weight of tools and the user. 

Two persons can work on the same side of the ladder to quickly accomplish their tasks. There are slip-resistant boots fastened to their feet for an excellent balance. With the shock absorption system, the ladder can absorb shocks caused by impact.         


  • Great build quality 
  • Durable and sturdy 
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Slip-resistant feet 
  • Absorbs shocks from impacts  


  • Expensive 

Key features of Louisville 6 Foot Double-Sided Step Ladder

  • Well reinforced – The Louisville 6-foot step ladder is well-reinforced in four sections with steel plates for added strength and durability. This helps to give it a superb footing.
  • Enhanced stability – The stability of the ladder is enhanced by the heavy-duty gauge steel hinges, thick rubber threads on the four feet and strong braces to ensure that the ladder doesn’t wobble or trip.      

What buyers say about Louisville 6 Foot Double-Sided Step Ladder

There is a lot of thumbs-up for this ladder because of its heavy-duty design. It has a well-balanced footing that ensures you are safe when using it for any task. The only complaint is that the ladder is costly.  

Why Louisville 6 Foot Double-Sided Step Ladder stands out for me

The ladder is exceptionally comfortable and easy to use. It has wide double steps that can adequately support you when carrying a box up the ladder. It is extremely sturdy and well-built to last for many years. 

Who will find the Louisville 6 Foot Double-Sided Step Ladder Useful 

The ladder exceeds the standard set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). It can be used by anyone who needs a ladder to complete any home, office or job site tasks.

  • Cosco 6 Foot Signature Series Step Ladder

This step ladder will make an excellent addition to your home improvement or work equipment. It is superbly light yet incredibly durable. The ladder is ideal for DIY jobs needing an extra height of 45 inches. It comes with trays for the placing of tools and holding of paint cans.

The Cosco 6 foot signature series step ladder is perfect for different applications, including flower pruning, window cleaning, wall painting, hanging of picture frames, changing of bulbs, accessing the roof, etc. It is easy to carry with a carrying handle. The ladder is rated type IA. 


  • Safe and sturdy
  • Stable and secure 
  • Ultra-lightweight 
  • Carrying handle 
  • Easy to fold 


  • None 

Key features of Cosco 6 Foot Signature Series Step Ladder

  • Ease of use – You can easily fold the ladder with just one hand and lock it in. It is also easy to set up since the ladder is exceptionally light. 
  • Convenient to use – With this ladder, you don’t have to climb up and down to pick tools. The ladder comes with project trays, including slots for storing tools, paint cans and other materials needed for your tasks. 

What buyers say about Cosco 6 Foot Signature Series Step Ladder

Many buyers are in love with the ladder for its lightweight design. It is sturdy and durable. The ladder is super easy to carry with its carrying handle. They like the fact that it is well-built. Others say it has no spreader braces to lock it in.  

Why Cosco 6 Foot Signature Series Step Ladder stands out for me

This ladder has a strong top platform you can stand on. It also has nice rubber feet to make it stay well-balanced on the ground. The carrying handle is a big plus. 

Who will find the Cosco 6 Foot Signature Series Step Ladder Useful

The ladder gets the job done with the utmost ease. It is useful for tradesmen, masons, electricians, painters, gardeners, roofers, etc. 

Buyer’s guide

Why you need 6 ft ladder

6 ft step ladders have fixed length. They are used to attain a particular height that you cannot reach so you can easily get the task done. You will need a 6 ft ladder for the following purposes:

  • Wall painting
  • Gaining access to the roof
  • Pruning of flowers
  • Bulb replacement
  • Cleaning the ceiling, etc.  

Factors to consider when buying a 6 ft step ladder

Choosing the best 6 ft step ladder is not like picking books off the shelf. There are factors you must consider before purchasing this type of ladder. Here are things you must have at the back of your mind if you want to make a good buy: 

  1. Build quality – If you purchased a step ladder that has a weak build quality, it may mean you have wasted time and money. As such, you have to hold the ladder you want to buy and feel its build quality. If the ladder wobbles, then it is not for you. If you will be purchasing the ladder online, ensure that you read the reviews made by previous users to know if it has a strong or weak build quality before buying it. 
  2. Material – It is advised that you choose a step ladder made of aluminum or fiberglass. Aluminum step ladders are extremely light but are conductive. This means they could cause electrocution. Avoid them if you will be doing some electrical work. On the other hand, fiberglass ladders are non-conductive and weather-resistant, but they are heavy. 
  3. Safety – You cannot overlook safety when choosing a 6 ft step ladder. All the ladders in the market have a load capacity. Choose the appropriate one for your type of job or task. Ladders have the following load capacities based on their ratings: 
  • Type I – supports weights from 0 to 250 pounds. They are heavy-duty and great for household tasks.   
  • Type II – supports weights from 0 to 225 pounds. These ladders are capable of handling basic household tasks.    
  • Type III – supports weights from 0 to 200 pounds. They are only designed for lightweight use.   
  • Type IA – supports weights from 0 to 300 pounds. They are designed for construction sites and household tasks.   
  • Type IAA – supports weights from 0 to 375 pounds. If you want a truly heavy-duty step ladder, then this one is designed for you. 

These ratings are written on any ladder. So, check it to choose the one that meets your needs.

  • Important features – A step ladder should come with some important features to make your work convenient. These include slots for tools, hangers for paint cans, standing platform, foldable design and the steps must be slip-resistant.
  • Stability and safety – For the step ladder to be stable and safe, you must ensure it comes with rubber feet and spreader braces to make the ladder stay in place to avoid it slipping off and causing a fall. 


  1. How tall is a 6-foot step ladder? 

Answer: It is 6 ft tall

  • How wide is a 6 step ladder? 

Answer: The measurement will vary from one manufacturer to the other. The typical width of a step ladder is between 400mm and 800mm.

  • How heavy is a 6-foot fiberglass ladder? 

Answer: It can weigh as much as 72 pounds

  • Is fiberglass or aluminum ladder better? 

Answer: It all depends on what you want to use the step ladder for. An aluminum ladder is very light and easy to carry. But it can cause electrocution because current can pass through it. However, a fiberglass step ladder is very heavy but won’t cause electrocution. 

  • How high can you reach with a 6-foot ladder? 

Answer: You can reach 10 ft with a 6-foot ladder. 


We have come to the end of the best 6 ft step ladder. We hope you can make an informed choice after reading the review. All the products reviewed are of great quality. They have been carefully selected based on durability, sturdiness and performance. Make a choice based on your needs. Any of the options will be worth the while.     

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