Best Motorcycle Racing Boots

Best Motorcycle Racing Boots

Motorcycle racing boots may look weird to some riders, but you can never appreciate the importance of this pair of footwear until you lose your knees and feet. 

Let’s face it. It takes just one brutal motorcycle accident to cause damage to your feet, and you may not be able to use them for the rest of your life. The norm is to wear military-style boots or leather work boots, but this is like riding on the back of a tiger. 

Motorcycle boots come with armoured padding, abrasion-resistant chassis, and anti-torso bracing to offer you heavy-duty safety on the racetrack. They are engineered to provide you with the same high protection and safety as MotoGP riders. When you race at over 120 miles per hour, they are recommended to offer you crash protection when you slide and glide across the asphalt. Motorcycle racing boots are a must-have for riders who want to ride fearlessly and comfortably.

In this review post, we will do a comprehensive review of some of the best motorcycle racing boots in the market. Our selection comprises the best and budget categories. No matter the category you choose, we guarantee you that your choice will meet your riding needs. Read on to make an excellent choice from an informed position. 

7 Top Best Motorcycle Racing Boots for Superbikes  

  • Best Category 
  1. Alpinestars Supertech R Vented Boots

Alpinestars is a household name when it comes to the production of top-quality motorcycle protective gear. Their products are tested and trusted, and the Supertech R Vented Boots won’t be an exception. These boots were designed based on the input from some of the best MotoGP racers. It is what makes this pair of boots the pinnacle of motorcycle footwear protection for street riders, club racers, and track day enthusiasts. 

In 2021, Alpinestars took a giant step to redesign the rear bellow and front flex area of the Supertech R Vented Boots. The company went further to make a new shin plate, top gaiter, TPU shifter, larger shin slider, and the inner bootie also got updated for added flexibility, protection, and comfort. Interestingly, these new features didn’t come at an additional cost.  

Alpinestars adopted a two-pronged approach to increase the protection of the Supertech R Vented Boots. The internal bootie, which comprises two fibreglass-reinforced polyamide braces, serves as hinges on both sides to allow the ankles to move naturally and prevent side-by-side movements. The second approach is the outer boot that reduces heat, abrasion, impact and increases protection with the heel boxes and toe slider. Combined, these two approaches elevate the comfort and protection that racers enjoy, ensuring there is never a break-in period while riding. The boots are also made with soles as tough as nails for durability and sturdiness.       


  • All-around comfort and protection 
  • Mitigation of impact and abrasion
  • Tough and durable construction
  • Excellent grip with a close fit 
  • Easy feet entrance and removal


  • A bit pricey
  • TCX Men’s Rt-Race Motorcycle Boots 

Great race boots are built to offer a good feel and freedom of movement to control your Superbike completely. To a large extent, this is what the TCX Motorcycle Boots offer. The boots provide enough protection while also offering incredible comfort. The main driving force of protection is the TCX’s Ankle Support System which effectively shields the ankle from knocks and impact in case of a crash. There is added protection with the plastic brace that stops the ankle from side to side flexing. This allows the aft and fore free movement needed to change gear and move quickly on the bike. The plastic braces also help to protect the bones. When the plastic toe-slider is damaged, you can replace it with another.

The TCX RT-Race Boots are made with rubber soles to offer excellent grip on flat tarmac surfaces. The sole is also skinny to give you a good feel while riding. The DFC Double Flex Control restricts unnecessary rotation around the ankles. With this support around the ankle, you can control the foot’s movement when racing on the track. 

You don’t have to worry if you have sensitive skin. This is because the upper part of the boot is made of microfiber to soothe the skin. With the soft microfiber gaiter, you will have a perfect fit around the calf.     


  • Unparallel support and comfort
  • Excellent protection
  • Great grip and close fit
  • Plastic toe-slider is replaceable 
  • Durable and light microfiber   


  • Expensive 
  • Dainese Axial D1 Boots

The Dainese Axial D1 Boots are made with high track performance in mind. Top-rated racers use these boots to protect their feet on any track day adequately. They come with a new Velcro design so you can securely fasten the footwear for a custom fit. The Axial D1 uses a redesigned shift guard for excellent feedback and control. 

The ankle is perfectly protected with the Axial D1 system to avoid ankle twisting. The system also resists impact and intrusion from strange objects. The Axial D1 is designed with heavy-duty D-Stone fabric for total resistance to breaking, tearing, and abrasion so you can perform well on the track day. The boot can adapt to the different bodies since the closure on the calf can be adjusted for a custom fit. There is optimum driving control with the TPU inserts and textured sole to allow you to stay focused while riding. 

The Axial D1 is not sensitive to the skin. The upper part is made with reinforced PU microfiber to soothe the skin perfectly. There are different perforated areas around the boot to ensure that your feet stay cool while on the racetrack. 


  • Incredible protection 
  • Perforated for cool comfort 
  • Reinforced microfiber upper to soothe the skin
  • Easy fastening with Velcro 
  • D-stone fabric reduces abrasion 


  • Not waterproof 
  • Budget category
  1. Cortech Apex RR WP Boots

If you are looking for budget-friendly waterproof boots, the Cortech Apex RR WP Boots is the right option. These boots are designed for riders who ride in wet weather. They are made with a 3-layer waterproof and breathable membrane to ensure water is kept at bay. The moulded TPU shin guard is robust enough to resist knocks on the tibia, also known as the shin. The boots come with Italian microfiber uppers that look like the ones in more expensive boots like Alpinestars. These perforated microfiber uppers are cool and soothing to the skin so the rider can ride comfortably. 

The Cortech Apex RR WP Boots have Velcro tabs at the top and can be adjusted for a perfect fit on the calf. The heel and toe areas are adequately reinforced for extreme protection for the armour components. Each side of the ankle bone plus the shin fit the body perfectly like a hand in a glove. 

Though these boots have trimmed soles, they are very rigid, and the replaceable toe sliders don’t look bad. The single-density non-slip soles come with increased arch support and adequate heel coverage, while the insole can be replaced and removed. The accordion panels reveal they are constructed for enhanced comfort and easy movement.  


  • Cool and soothing Italian microfiber uppers
  • Great comfort and protection
  • Waterproof and breathable  
  • Well trimmed, but rigid soles
  • Strong shinguard to withstand knocks    


  • Not ideal in hot weather 
  • Spada Curve Evo WP Waterproof Leather Race Boots

The Spada Curve Evo Waterproof Leather Race Boots are another waterproof racing boots made for the wet weather. These boots are not just for racing but can also serve everyday use. There are a few racing boots for walking around comfortably. This is why these boots stand out from the crowd. They have heels and shins moulded from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) for impressive resistance against abrasions with superior flexibility. The outer part of the boot is made with 100% PU microfiber to reduce skin sensitivity.  

There is a TPU insert for increased support on the ankle side, and the reinforced metal toe sliders take protection to a higher notch. The moulded gear change pad also offers a lot of ease while riding. And for greater comfort, you can count on the accordion panels with the zip and Velcro fastening to give every rider a customized fit.       

The boots are fitted with a Hippora waterproof membrane to ensure the fun is not spoilt even when there is a downpour. The footwear comes with multi-density soles that are entirely anti-slip for improved performance. 


  • Anti-slip sole for enhanced performance
  • Unparallel protection with the reinforced metal toe slider
  • Waterproof and comfortable 
  • Perfect for walking around without discomfort 
  • 100% polyurethane (PU) microfiber 


  • May make squeaky noise while walking
  • Alpinestars SMX-S Boots

The Alpinestars SMX-S Boots are waterproof boots designed for street riders looking for simplicity and all-day wearing comfort. They are the new addition to the SMX range of Alpinestars boots. The SMX-S borrowed a lot from the SMX-6 but remained significantly lighter. These boots retain their replaceable TPU sliders and the TPU shin plates for overall knee and shin protection, respectively. The shin plates also help to resist abrasion and impact. With the durable microfiber upper, riders are guaranteed superior comfort and flexibility. Under the upper, TPU double-density ankle protectors are laid to protect the ankle from destabilizing knocks. 

For increased flexibility, both the instep and Achilles tendon are embedded with accordion panels. The textile interior lining is highly breathable, and it features anti-sliding suede reinforcement around the heel area for superb comfort. The internal toe box protection is carefully laid underneath the upper for enhanced feel, durability, and outstanding performance.

The boots have a removable, double compound anatomic footbed with Lycra and EVA for added comfort and support. This footwear is highly functional with both zip and Velcro for easy adjustments and a secured fit. The boots are great to walk around when you come off the bike. These Alpinestars SMX-S Boots come with an incredible price-quality to make them the darling of many street racers. 


  • Affordably-priced 
  • Superior breathability, comfort, and support 
  • Superb performance and durability
  • Extremely light with overall ankle protection 
  • Perfect for all-day use   


  • No perforations for air cooling 

Buying guide – factors to consider when motorcycle racing boots 

Purchasing a pair of racing boots is not like buying fruits and foodstuffs from a grocery store. You must have some essential factors at the back of your mind before purchasing these boots. Let’s take a look at some of these factors:

  1. Materials – Racing boots are made from different materials. Materials like leather are stretchy and can keep shifting when in use. Leather may not be suitable in hot weather. Vented materials like microfiber are perfect in hot areas. So, your choice of material should be based on the weather condition of the place where track day occurs. 
  2. Impact resistance – When riding, it is not uncommon for riders to suffer injuries caused by impact. The injuries from impact could be from debris or rock striking the foot. More severe injuries may arise from hitting the pavement or a vehicle. To prevent impact, make sure that your boot has solid padding, armour, and several materials to protect the ankle, knee, and foot effectively.       
  3. Abrasion resistance – Abrasion injuries are minor compared to impact injuries. Abrasion injuries usually occur when riders scratch their foot against the asphalt. Sliding across the pavement can also cause abrasion. Ensure the boots come with enough padding and armour around the knees, ankles, and feet to prevent such injuries.
  4. Height – The height of the racing boot is essential. At least, the boots should come up to the knee level to protect them against knocks. It also means that other vulnerable areas like the ankle, toe, and foot should be adequately covered.   
  5. Fit – It is not all boots that fit the same way. You need to check the size chart to choose the boot that fits you well. Also, consider the type of socks you are going to wear. Another thing is to make sure the boot comes with either a zipper or Velcro or both to give you a custom fit. 
  6. Sole – Sole determine the comfort of the racing boots. More rigid soles are durable but don’t have a good grip. On the other hand, softer soles offer excellent grip but are not durable. It is crucial to choose what will be comfortable for you. If the sole comes with an EVA footbed, it increases comfort. 


We have come to the end of the best motorcycle racing boots review. This review will help you make an informed choice. All the products reviewed have been tested, and they all offer excellent support, protection, and comfort. Our best pick is the Alpinestars Supertech R Vented Boots. They are incredibly comfortable and highly protective. You can consider the Cortech Apex RR WP Boots for more budget-friendly racing boots.

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