Moira Fox is an experienced Flash animator, who has animated a variety of characters, including the bright and bouncy yellow bird for the Virgin Media help CDs, Doofus the rabbit, Daisy and Charlie for Nokia, Pierre, and Delphi, for Cine Aqua, and the alien busting twins, Louie and Lucy for the BBC.

We also make artworks like face painting, background design for children’s parties or professional events, etc. Our services are designed to push your brands to the next level for improved perception and high return on investment (ROI).

At Moira Fox, our flash animation services include CD promotion and web promotion to increase customer website traffic. It also has a big role to play when it comes to projector display to help capture the audience’s attention. Animations help to give your brand an exciting and unique look that lingers in the minds of many for a long time.   

We are never boxed into a corner when it comes to creativity. We make result-oriented flash animations that are appealing and tell your story the way it should be illustrated. We sit with you and discuss the concept, and when that is done, we work with the script to deliver good animations that capture the essence of your brand and personality.   

Besides this, our reasonable rates make us the preferred choice for many brands that want to make enduring and special flash animation promotions. We have a team of animators that can create great animations for any product or service and make it stand out from the crowd.

Our team is capable of helping you through the process and ensuring that your animation projects are successful from conception to the final stage. Talk to us at Moira Fox to offer you excellent services that don’t put a hole in your pocket whenever animations are needed.  

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