Moira Fox offers fast-loading Flash animation services that comprise imaginative texts, videos, images, and animations with exceptional creativity and interactivity. With flash animations, presentations and websites are well complemented. Our designs are created to achieve two primary purposes – grab your prospective client’s attention and deliver the message in a clear and loud manner. 

Our past projects like the bright and bouncy yellow bird for the Virgin Media help CDs, Doofus the rabbit, Daisy and Charlie for Nokia, Pierre and Delphi, for Cine Aqua, and the alien busting twins, Louie and Lucy for the BBC speak volumes about our capacity and capability to deliver fantastic animation projects that exceed clients’ expectations.

Flash animations have been known to slow down websites. This could cause your prospective clients or customers to close your website in a second with great disappointment. At Moira Fox, we have well-experienced animators that create high-impact animations that conserve bandwidth and improve the audience experience. 

Why go for Flash animations?

Flash websites offer impressive presentations while consuming less file size. Custom Flash animations created by Moira Fox are exciting and artistic, thereby helping your websites and presentations to have the edge over other brands. Here are the reasons why you need to opt for Moira Fox Flash animations:

  • Advanced interactivity – Flash animation is the choice of industry experts because it helps attract more website visitors. Websites with Flash animations generate more traffic since they are appealing and interactive. This helps to improve your brand value.  
  • High-level creativity – Flash animations give you the latitude to be very creative when your website is created. Videos, movies, and animations can be used to introduce your products and services to captivate the minds of your prospective customers. 
  • Exceptional technology – Flash animation is a powerful technology that can turn a website or PowerPoint presentation into a great multimedia tool that enhances the customers’ experience differently. 

Apart from Flash animation services, Moira Fox also offers face painting and background design for professional events and children’s parties.          

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