Is it easy to get a road trip in an electric car?

Is it easy to get a road trip in an electric car?

There is no doubt that electric cars are becoming common in recent times. But many people keep wondering if electric vehicles can make a road trip like the carbon emission cars. 

The average range for an electric car is 300 miles. This can make a driver anxious because the battery can run out if not well managed. But, the truth is that electric vehicles can make road trips if you plan out the journey very well. 

With the increase in national charging networks, you can make a road trip with an electric car without issues. Range limitations can be avoided if you drive sensibly with proper planning. There are also a lot of road trip benefits that come with driving an electric car. Here is what you can do to have a successful road trip with an electric vehicle.

  1. Estimate the battery time – You have to be very calculated when using an electric car since riding patterns can impact the battery life. While rapid acceleration is one of the advantages of an electric vehicle, fast speeds can also put a strain on the battery and reduce the range. The setting of the car should be on electric mode. This helps to increase the amount of energy efficiency.

You have to understand that electric cars are most efficient when driving in traffic or in cities. This means you cannot reach the maximum range on the highway. If you are driving at 70 miles per hour, you are driving at a lower range, which helps you conserve energy.

Another thing that can impact battery life is the weather. Electric cars perform better in moderate climates than when it is cold.     

  • Plan your route – Planning is a great strategy to employ when going on a road trip with an electric car. Before hitting the road, you have to identify the charging stations. Tesla has got its route planner, and apps like PlugShare or A Better Route can be used too. You can also filter Google Maps to show you the various electric car charging stations. 

However, there are times plans and reality don’t match. Some charging stations may need you to use RFID cards or their app where credit cards are not accepted. You have to plan this out appropriately.  

  • Charge on the road – Follow these charging tips to have a wonderful experience on the road.
  • Find charging stations in grocery stores and restaurants on your route.
  • Look for hotels with charging stations. It is usually free to charge the car battery in hotels. But if you will have to pay, it doesn’t cost more than $10 to charge the battery from empty to full.
  • There are recreational parks with charging stations. If you can find them, it would help your road trip. 
  • Avoid topping up the battery at every charging station. Make sure you have enough energy to comfortably get you to the next stop. This helps you to enjoy the trip without stressing yourself out. 
  • Ensure that your extension cord, adaptors, and charging cord are always handy. 

Benefits of electric car road trips

Don’t allow range anxiety to stop you from using an electric car for a road trip. The latest electric cars have enough range to get you to your destination if you plan the trip well and drive smartly. Here are some of the benefits of electric car road trips.

  • Electric cars have a lot of benefits compared to gas-powered vehicles. They offer better comfort and safety.
  • Electric cars are great for driving on the highways. You can accelerate faster with an electric vehicle than with carbon emission cars.
  • Electric cars allow you to sleep more comfortably than gas-powered cars. You don’t need to look for lodging with an electric vehicle. Plug in the car to a public charging station, choose a suitable sleeping temperature when setting the climate control, and sleep well after folding down the back seat.      

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