How Much Should Your Dog Exercise?

How much should your dog exercise is one of the most frequently asked questions by new dog owners? Read on as I provide answers to this question.

Dog owners must know that the amount of exercise a dog needs depends on its health, age, breed, personality, and fitness. 

All dogs need exercise since it helps them to be in shape.

Exercise is excellent for a dog’s mental health. A dog that exercises looks fit and helps with conditions such as obesity and arthritis. 

Generally, puppies have higher energy than adult dogs. Zombies are a good exercise for puppies. Play sessions or short walks are ideal for puppies instead of long walks. 

Your dog’s breed will also determine the type of physical activity it needs. Belgian Malinois and Border Collies are high-energy breeds that need to exercise more, while Basset Hound and Bulldog are low-energy breeds that require less rigorous exercise. 

Before you decide on how to engage your dog in any physical activity, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What’s the dog’s breed? The natural energy levels of any dog depend on the breed. Some need more than two hours of exercise, while others need less. Breeds such as bulldogs and pugs need exercise like other breeds but sometimes struggle because they develop breathing difficulties due to the shape of their face. 
  • How old is it? As a dog is growing, exercise must be introduced slowly. This helps in protecting their joints. When they become adults, you must ensure they exercise to stay active and fit, but they need little exercise as they become old.
  • Are there any health conditions? An injured or unwell dog won’t need much exercise. Just a little exercise is okay. They should rest a lot, which is an essential part of recovery. This also applies to dogs suffering from arthritis and obesity. 
  • What’s the fitness level? If you want your dog to be fit, you have to introduce it to running or cycling as you go out. Do it gradually to avoid illness or injury to the dog.
  • What does the dog enjoy doing? You have to be observant to know what your dog enjoys doing. This is based on their preferences and personality. Ensure that it enjoys the exercise. If not, you have to change the regime. 

Different ways of helping your dog exercise 

Varying your dog’s exercise will be a good idea. For inspiration, here are some of the exercises your dog can do:

  1. Walking – Walking should be the daily routine of any dog. It makes them healthy mentally and physically. Going for a brisk walk allows the dog to burn off extra energy, while a slow walk helps in improving their mental health.
  2. Swimming – If your dog likes water, then swimming will be an excellent exercise. Follow safety advice whether the dog is swimming in a river, pool, or sea.
  3. Running – Dogs stay healthy by running. But try to introduce it slowly. Start with gentle jogging and gradually build up from there. 
  4. Agility – Agility helps the dog to exercise in a fun way. It keeps their mind very active. It includes making the dog pass through tunnels, scale hurdles, and do seesaws. 
  5. Playing – Playing is a good exercise for dogs. Chasing and retrieving a toy is a good play you can introduce to your dog.


Just like humans, dogs need to exercise regularly. But don’t introduce your dog to a rigorous exercise at first. For instance, start with a walk before it starts running. 

Dogs with obesity and arthritis need little exercise due to their condition. Ensure that your dog exercises daily to live healthily.      

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