Why Do People Love PopSockets

Have you ever seen that circular disc placed at the back of a smartphone? If yes, there is a chance it is a popsocket. It’s a trendy smartphone accessory. 

For those who watch movies on Netflix, popsocket is an accessory that allows for enjoyable viewing. A popsocket reassures you that your phone is safe in your hand. There are many reasons why people love popsockets.

In this article, you will get to know why people love this phone accessory. Before that, you must understand what a popsocket is.

What is a popsocket?  

A popsocket is a sticky adhesive plastic circle attached to the back of the phone. Once it’s pulled out twice, it extends like a little accordion. The moment it pops out, you can slide it into your fingers for a tighter and more comfortable grip.    

Why people love popsocket

People love popsockets for many reasons. Below are some of them:

  1. It offers a better and more comfortable grip. 

A popsocket acts as an extra grip for bigger smartphones. If you find it difficult to hold a big smartphone or drop it too frequently, you can use a popsocket to fix this issue.  

Your smartphone can be held with one hand with a popsocket. It doesn’t matter how big the phone is. Just slip two of your fingers on the grip, and you feel comfortable holding the phone for a long time.

  • Taking selfie pictures

Apart from giving you a good grip, popsockets are great for taking selfies. It makes it extremely easy for you to hold the phone using one hand, allowing you to press the shutter button.

  • It serves as a stand for the propping up of smartphones.

You can use a popsocket to prop up your phone when watching a movie. This is ideal for people who love Netflix. The popsocket helps you stand your phone or tablet horizontally so you can sit back to enjoy your favorite movies. If you are using a tablet, you can use two popsockets so that your phone can stand firmly. If you are using it on the phone, make sure it is well centered.

  • You can use it to mount your phone vertically. 

If you want to mount your phone vertically, you can use the popsockets multi-purpose mount. It allows you to use your phone hands-free. For instance, if you like making TikTok videos, just find a perfect spot to mount your phone and start recording.

If you have a car, you can use the popsockets car mount to mount your phone on the windscreen or dashboard so you can answer your calls hands-free while driving.   

  • Ideal for managing wired earbud

If you use a wired earbud, you can use a popsocket to manage the wires. Place one popsocket at the top of the phone and another at the bottom, and wrap the wire around the popsockets to make the cord tangle-free. 

  • Protection of phones 

A popsocket helps to protect your phone from scratches. Dropping your phone on different surfaces can get the back of the phone scratched. But with the use of popsocket, your phone’s back will remain neat and clean all the time. 


A popsocket can help you change the way you use your smartphone. It takes time to get used to it, but it becomes a vital phone accessory when you get used to it. 

People also love popsockets because they add style to their phones. Using a popsocket also helps you to use your phone more conveniently. The exciting thing is that popsockets are cheap and affordable.   

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