Why Do Office Chair Mats Have Lips?

A chair mat lip is an extended part of the mat underneath the table or desk. You need a chair mat with a lip if you constantly move your office chair close to your desk.

Most chair mats with lips are rectangular. When you roll your office chair close to the desk or table, a part of the caster goes under the desk.

If your chair mat doesn’t come with a lip, there’s a chance that the small part underneath the desk that’s not covered by the chair mat may be damaged by one of the casters.

A chair mat with a lip helps protect the carpet or floor underneath the desk from damage. It also allows you to move smoothly without the caster touching the floor.

You can place your feet on the chair mat’s lip to avoid cold feet or stain the floor. 

So, if you care about your expensive flooring or carpet, you need a chair mat with a lip to effectively protect your investment.  

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