Dexter TV on Firestick

Dexter TV is an IPTV service provider that several people watch. These days, many people prefer to watch IPTV instead of cable TV because it is cheaper, easy to access, and requires no fee for installation.

This post will show you how to watch Dexter TV on Firestick. So, come along.  

About Dexter TV on Firestick

You can watch your favourite channels on Dexter TV if you have a Firestick device. You can watch movies, series, and TV shows with Dexter IPTV. Always make sure you use a VPN to stream videos on Dexter TV.    

How to watch Dexter TV on Firestick?

To watch Dexter TV on Firestick, the first thing you have to do is sign up. Follow the process below to do it rightly:

  • Open a tab of your favourite browser
  • Type on the browser
  • Purchase a plan of the Dexter TV subscription 
  • Click on “Buy” to purchase your subscription
  • Select a plan and make an order or renew your subscription 

Subscription plans and pricing

– 1 connection $19.98/month

– 2 connections $29.99/month

– 3 connections $39.99/month

– 1 connection $144/ year

  • Click “Subscribe” to make payment and checkout   

How to get Dexter TV on Firestick?

If you want to get Dexter TV on Firestick, you must purchase a Firestick device with a Dexter TV subscription.

After you have a Firestick device plus a Dexter TV subscription, you can follow the next tip in this article on how to download and install Dexter TV on Firestick. 

How to download & install Dexter TV on Firestick?

It is super easy to download and install Dexter TV on Firestick. Just follow the process below:

  1. First, turn on your Firestick TV device and click “Settings” from the Home screen
  2. Go to device “Settings” and click on “My Fire TV.”
  3. Under the device settings, click on “Developer options.”
  4. Select “ADB debugging” under Developer options and turn it on 
  5. Click on “Apps from Unknown Sources” and turn it on
  6. Now, go to Google Play Store on your Android phone to download and install Apps2Fire
  7. Open the Apps2Dire app on your device 
  8. On the top right corner of the app, you have to click the three-dotted icon
  9. Now, select “Setup” from the menu 
  10. Within the Setup, click on the “Search for Fire TV” button
  11. Look at the available options and select the Fire TV device from the list
  12. A pop-up will appear next on the screen of your Fire TV screen 
  13. Make sure you click “OK” to “Allow USB Debugging.”
  14. On your smartphone, click on the “Local Apps.”
  15. Click on the Dexter TV app under the Local Apps
  16. From the pop-up message, click “Install.”
  17. You have to wait for the apk to upload and install on your Fire TV device  
  18. Once installation is completed, you will get a “successfully installed” message on the two devices   
  19. Go back to your Fire TV device to open Dexter TV by going to the apps section 
  20. Input your username and password as required
  21. Click on “Sign in” to start watching the Dexter IPTV  

How to add channels to Favourites on Dexter TV

One of the advantages of Dexter TV is that you can add channels to Favourites. You cannot find this on many IPTV platforms. 

The steps below will help you to add channels to Favourites:

  1. Locate any channel of your choice. hold down the OK button
  2. A star icon will show up close to the channel. 
  3. Go back to the channel category list and start clicking Favourites.
  4. Note that the channels selected are within the Favourites.
  5. If you intend to remove channels from Favourites, just hover on the channel using the “remove” and click on “Remove from Favourites.” 

That’s all you need if you want to “Add” or “Remove” channels from Favourites on your Dexter TV IPTV.

How to include External Video Player on your Dexter TV IPTV

An external video player is critical when using any IPTV services. The Dexter IPTV is not an exception.

Check below to see how you can properly integrate the IPTV external video player for the practical functionality of your Dexter IPTV. 

Follow the example below to do it rightly:

  1. Go to the home screen to click on “Settings.”
  2. Choose a Player
  3. You can choose the VLC external player since it can integrate well with the Dexter IPTV.
  4. Once you have checked the VLC player, you can scroll down to select OK.  

That’s all. Integrating the VLC player with your Dexter IPTV service is a simple process, and you start viewing different great channels.

SurfShark VPN to the rescue 

To safely view any IPTV services like the Dexter IPTV, you will need a VPN. A VPN ensures you are not caught while viewing the Dexter IPTV. I recommend the SurfShark VPN if you want the best result. The VPN stops your IP address from being attacked or accessed. 

IPTV services are usually hosted on servers that are prone to attacks. This is why a VPN like SurfShark VPN is essential to conceal your identity. A VPN offers an anonymous connection to the Internet without the fear of you being tracked. 

If you are using a VPN, it must be a fast VPN since it will be used for the streaming of videos. SurfShark VPN is speedy. This VPN doesn’t keep the logs of its subscribers. This is where the SurfShark VPN is different from others. 

How to register for a SurfShark VPN

  1. Go to to create an account 
  2. Navigate to “Find,” click on the search icon and choose Firestick
  3. Type in SurfShark and select SurfShark VPN from the list  
  4. Next is to click on the SurfShark icon beneath Apps & Games
  5. Click Download and Open
  6. Click login to enter your username and password
  7. Select “Fastest location.”  
  8. Click OK when a connection request appears 
  9. You will notice that the IP address changes alongside the location of the connection.  

It means you are safe to stream videos anonymously without any fear. 

Final Thoughts

Dexter IPTV is one of the most acceptable ways to have a great bond with family. There is no dull moment with Dexter TV. The most exciting part is its affordability. 

Once the Dexter TV is installed on Firestick, you are good to go. Just follow the installation guide above and start watching your favourite channels. All you need is the monthly subscriptions to stay connected.  

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