MeTV on Firestick

MeTV on Firestick


MeTV is a well-known American TV network that provides interesting TV shows for viewers looking for quality entertainment.

MeTV has a streaming app that can be used to watch videos on-demand and live shows too. And if you have a Firestick device, you can stream MeTV easily.

Additionally, users get updates on favourite shows from the MeTV app. You don’t have to worry because it is easy to install MeTV on Firestick. This post will show you how to install the MeTV channel on Firestick without a cable.   

Is MeTV available on Firestick?

MeTV app is not directly available on Firestick, but you can sideload it and install the apk file to watch your favourite shows anytime, any day.

About MeTV on Firestick

MeTV Amazon Firestick is an easy way to watch quality movies, shows, and sports if you have a Firestick device. MeTV has an app, but it has to be sideloaded before you can access the platform. Read on as I will show you how to sideload the MeTV apk file.   

How to get MeTV on Firestick?

To get the MeTV app Firestick, you must have good internet with a Firestick. The app is not available on Firestick. The only way to have the app is to sideload it from a third-party website. Keep reading, as I will give you a step-by-step guide.

How to watch MeTV on Firestick?

To watch the MeTV channel on Firestick, it is important that you follow the guide below. There are two ways to watch MeTV on Firestick. The next section will guide you through.

How to download & Install MeTV on Firestick?

You cannot find the MeTV app on the Amazon Store. The best way to have the app and watch MeTV is to download the MeTV apk and sideload it.  

There are two ways to sideload the MeTV apk. It can be done using ES Explorer app or Downloader app. Before you start sideloading the app, you must “enable Apps from unknown source” on the Firestick device. When it is enabled, then Firestick will work with the apk.   

Sideloading and installing MeTV on Firestick with the Downloader app

Step 1: Go to Firestick’s Home screen, click Find, and select the Search bar.

Step 2: Type in Downloader with the onboard keyboard.

Step 3: Select the Downloader app and click on Get/Download to start downloading the Downloader app.

Step 4: Return to the Home screen of the Fire TV and go to Settings and choose My Fire TV.

Step 5: Under My Fire TV, you will have to click Developers Options

Step 6: You should enable Apps from Unknown Sources on the Home screen.

Step 7: Select Downloader before clicking Turn On

Step 8: Now, you can launch the Downloader app from the Apps section.

Step 9: Immediately after the Downloader app opens, click Allow

Step 10: Next, you will be provided with a URL link; input the apk URL link. Use this link

Step 11: Once that is done, click the Go button to download the MeTV apk.

Step 12: After downloading the apk file, click Install to start downloading the app on your Firestick device.  

Step 13: Click Open to launch the app after the installation.

Step 14: Now, you can start to stream your favourite videos.  

Sideloading and installing MeTV on Firestick with the ES Explorer app

Step 1: Go to the Apps section on your Firestick and search the ES Explorer app.

Step 2: Choose Install to start installing the ES Explorer app.

Step 3: Next is to go to the Settings of the Firestick, click My Fire TV from the Settings, next click Developers Options, click Install Unknown Apps, click ES Explorer and finally click Turn On.

Step 4: From the Apps section or Fire TV, you can launch the ES Explorer app.

Step 5: While on the Home screen, click on Tools

Step 6: Next is to click the +New icon

Step 7: Look out for the download pop-up. Once the download pop-up appears, input the apk link in the Path space while MeTV should be entered where you have Name.

Step 8: Now, you can click Download Now to start downloading the MeTV apk file.

Step 9: Next is to click on Open File to start the installation of the app on your Firestick device.  

Step 10: Go to the Apps & Games section to locate the MeTV logo.

Step 11: Now, you can launch the app, enter your account with your login details and start to stream different shows on the MeTV app.

If you are a new user, you can go to to create an account for yourself.  

How to create an account on MeTV for Firestick

If you want to create an account on MeTV for Firestick, go to the website at, click on login, and click here to register. Enter your details such as full name, email address, password, re-enter password, etc. At the end of it, click Submit, and a message will be sent to your email.  

The need to use VPN for MeTV on Firestick

Using a VPN is crucial if you intend to watch MeTV on Firestick. It helps to hide your identity so you can enjoy your favourite shows with peace of mind. There are a lot of VPNs to choose from, such as IPVanish, ProtonVPN, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and SurfShark VPN.           


Q: Can you get MeTV on Firestick?

A: You cannot directly get MeTV on Firestick. You need to sideload and install the MeTV apk file to get the app on Firestick.

Q: What can I use the MeTV app to watch?
You can watch sports, news, horror movies, sci-fi, and many more.  

Q: Is it possible to get a MeTV on Firestick?

A: Yes, it is possible to get MeTV on Firestick by sideloading the apk file.

Q: Is there a streaming app for MeTV?

A: There is no MeTV app on Firestick. However, the MeTV apk file can be sideloaded to have access to MeTV.

Final Thoughts

MeTV is a world of entertainment for family bonding. It is where you can watch sports, movies, humor, and different live shows. Once you successfully sideload the MeTV for Firestick apk, you will stay glued to your TV set all day long.

There are two ways to have MeTV on Firestick. It is either you use the Downloader app or the ES Explorer app. Any of these methods will give you access to MeTV.

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To have the MeTV app for Firestick, you must sideload the apk file. After you Install MeTV, you can access great entertainment with MeTV on Firestick.

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