Best Gun Safe under $100 

The importance of a firearm for personal safety and security cannot be overemphasized.

However, do you know that your life can be at risk with the same firearm that you bought for your protection? How? I would explain to you. 

The fact is that an unsecured weapon can be fatal for you and your family if an unauthorized user gets a hold of it. This is why it is recommended that you purchase a gun safe to keep your handgun safe. 

The problem is those gun safes are expensive. But you don’t have to worry. We have done a thorough job by selecting some of the best gun safes that you can get at under $100. 

These safes are durable, sturdy and functional. Read on to get all the details that would help you make an informed choice. 

What are the best gun safes under $100?

We have carefully selected the top 8 best gun safes under $100 with a quick summary of each of the product’s features. Carefully check the products to select the one that best suits your needs. 

Best Overall – SentrySafe QAP1E Gun Safe with Digital Keypad  

Steel construction, quick access, quiet operation  

Best for travel – First Alert 5200DF Portable Handgun Safe 

Foam-lined interior, compact design, 5 years warranty  

Best for quick and easy access – Amazon Basics Steel Security Safe

Multipurpose, versatile, strong construction 

Best for value – Stalwart Electronic Digital Safe Box

LED keypad, easy mounting, spacious  

Best for performance – Honeywell 5002 Safes & Door Locks

Tough construction, pre-drilled holes, well-carpeted interior  

Best for versatility – FSDC-MLC9000 Caretaker Lockable Steel Case

Extremely portable, multipurpose, versatile 

Best for security – AEGIS 1.12 Digital Security Safe Box

Beautiful design, top-level security, excellent interior protection 

Best for drawer safe with biometric access – XYXHCXG Portable Biometric Fingerprint Lock Box Safe 

Functional biometric fingerprint, rugged construction, USB charging 

Best gun safe under $100 – Comparison Chart 

The table below gives you a summary of the important information you need in this review. It includes weight, dimension and locking mechanism.    

Best gun safe under $100 Best for what?WeightLocking mechanismDimension
SentrySafe QAP1E Gun Safe with Digital Keypad    Best Overall12.2 poundsElectronic9.9 x 12.1 x 3.2 inches
First Alert 5200DF Portable Handgun Safe  Best for travel6.3 poundsElectronic3.5 x 9.3 x 11.5 inches
Amazon Basics Steel Security Safe  Best for quick and easy access7.48 kilogramsElectronic, key9.8 x 9.8 x 13.8 inches
Stalwart Electronic Digital Safe Box  Best for value13.18 poundsElectronic, key12.2 x 7.9 x 7.9 inches
Honeywell 5002 Safes & Door Locks    Best for performance6.3 poundsKey6.7 x 9 x 6.6 inches
FSDC-MLC9000 Caretaker Lockable Steel Case  Best for versatility4.75 poundKey11.97 x 8.9 x 3.46 inches
AEGIS 1.12 Digital Security Safe Box  Best for security30.6 poundsKeypad, key  17.25 x 16.5 x 10.1 inches
XYXHCXG Portable Biometric Fingerprint Lock Box Safe  Best for drawer safe with biometric access8.18 poundsElectronic, key15.55 x 12.52 x 3.9 inches

Top 8 Best Gun Safes Under $100

1. SentrySafe QAP1E Gun Safe with Digital Keypad

You cannot go wrong with the SentrySafe QAP1E gun safe. There is no doubt, this is one of the best under $100 gun safes you can find anywhere on the market. 

The safe comes great with a unique and modern design that stands it out from the rest. 

When it comes to capacity, this model can only contain one firearm. But there are other models like the QAP2E that holds two handguns. It is made with alloy steel for durability.  

The gun safe has two locking mechanisms. This includes a keypad and key lock options. You will like the advanced keypad. With it, you can make different combinations to serve as backup access in an emergency. 

This model has a secure locking system along with a gas strut that allows you to open the door smoothly and quietly. The door is pry-resistant and the safe can also be bolted down for increased security.  

It can be powered with alkaline AA batteries that must have an expiration date of between 8 and 10 years from the date of purchase.    


  • Steel construction – The gun safe is constructed with alloy steel to guarantee durability and sturdiness. Coupled with the pry-resistant door, you are sure that your handgun can be well secured and protected from unauthorized usage. 
  • Quick access – There are no delays when you want to access your gun. The door opens pretty fast and quietly. This is because it has a compression gas strut that gives you a discreet entry.
  • Digital keypad – The digital keypad gives you backup access to your firearm anytime you want to use it. It also comes with backup keys in case of an emergency.        


  • Grants you quiet entry 
  • Heavy-duty construction 
  • Portable and durable 
  • Easy to program 
  • Blue LED light for visibility 
  • Limited one year warranty  


  • No locking cable but can be bolted down with two bolts 
  • It has the capacity for just one gun 

2. First Alert 5200DF Portable Handgun Safe 

The First Alert 5200DF has got everything you are looking for in a handgun safe. It is compact, intuitive and safe to use.

This is a highly responsive gun safe when it comes to quick access during an emergency. This is due to its keypad combination and spring-loading door.

The addition of mounting points with a steel cable ensures that you can mount the gun safe without any issues. It could be mounted in the car trunk, on the floor or wall of your home.

The safe’s compact design allows you to hide it away from prying eyes. One of the drawbacks is that it can only accommodate one gun with some ammunition. 

When it comes to construction, the gun safe is well-built to last for many years. It is made with 18-gauge heavy steel for added security and also powder-coated to resist wear and rust. 

The inside of the safe is well padded with foam to ensure that your firearm is not scratched or dented. 

The First Alert 5200DF can be mounted in two ways. It is either you use the steel cable to secure it to the trunk of your vehicle or bolt it down with the pre-drilled holes in case you want to install it on the floor or shelf. 

You can gain access using the combination codes and it also comes with two override keys in case of emergency. After four minutes of pressing the wrong combinations, the safe will lock you out. This makes it very intuitive and secure.

It comes with two AA batteries and they blink when running low.        


  • Durable construction – The First Alert 5200DF portable handgun safe is constructed with 18-gauge steel for increased security and protection. The spring-loaded hinge ensures that you can gain quick access in the event of an emergency. 
  • Prevents unwanted access – It allows you to program between 3 to 8 digit passcodes. The electronic keypad ensures no one else can have access to your handgun. It comes with the “no see” keypad for extra security.
  • Foam-lined interior – The interior is properly lined to stop your firearm from being dented or scratched. This ensures that your handgun looks new after many years of usage.     


  • Easy to mount anywhere
  • Compact design 
  • Two override keys 
  • Easy to access during an emergency 
  • Strong locking mechanism for quick access  
  • 5 years warranty 


  • Low battery life 
  • No backlit keypad 

3. Amazon Basics Steel Security Safe

The Amazon Basics Security Safe is one of the under $100 home safes in high demand on the market today. It is equipped with many features that stand it out from the other models. 

Apart from ensuring the safety of your firearm, the 0.5 cubic feet safe can secure other items like jewellery, passports, cash and documents. 

The safe is made with reliable and durable materials for enhanced security. It is made with steel construction with carpeted floors to ensure that your stored items are not damaged or scratched.

There are more security features to adequately keep your valuables safe. It includes a pry-resistant hinge and two live-door bolts. The interior shelf can either be adjusted or removed to create more space.   

You can easily program the keypad with different combinations to give you access anytime you want to pick up your handgun. It also comes with two override keys to allow you quick access in the event of an emergency.     


  • Multipurpose – The Amazon Basics Safe securely stores your cash, jewellery, heirlooms, passports, documents and firearms. It gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your valuables are safe and secure. 
  • Versatile – You can use the safe anywhere. It is not only suitable for home use; it can also be used in vehicles, offices, hotels and travels. It can be mounted on the floor or wall if you want to station it to a point.
  • Strong construction – It is constructed with steel for added security and safety of your assets. The security is also enhanced with the pry-resistant hinge with two live-door bolts to guarantee the safe’s solid mounting.    


  • Collapsible interior shelf 
  • Carpeted interior to prevent the denting of your valuables 
  • Two override keys for emergency 
  • Well-built to last 
  • Comes with a digital display to indicate low battery
  • It has four bolts for easy and firm mounting   


  • Not fireproof or waterproof
  • AA batteries are not included in the package  

4. Stalwart Electronic Digital Safe Box

Keep your belongings and documents safe at all times with the Electronic Digital Safe Box by Stalwart. The small safe is perfect for home, travel and business. It can be used to safely store firearms, cash, jewellery, passports, etc.

Gaining access to the safe is through the electronic keypad which is easy to program with three to eight combination codes. Another interesting thing is that the keypad comes with a backlit. 

The safe can either be mounted on the wall or floor since it is already pre-drilled with holes for easy mounting. 

It comes with two override keys so you can always gain access to the safe at any time in case you forget the keypad code. 

One of the spectacular security features of the safe is that the alarm would go off after five minutes of entering the wrong code. 

The alarm would go off again for another 20 minutes if more incorrect keypad codes are entered. This helps to notify the owner of an unauthorized attempt on the safe. 

The construction of the safe is robust since it is constructed with stainless steel. This increases the security and protection of your belongings.

It requires four AA batteries to function and the battery life stays for up to 24 hours. The safe is backed by a 30-day warranty.        


  • Portable safe – This is a small and portable safe that can be used at home or business. You can take it along when travelling in your car or during vacation. It is easy to mount on the wall or floor with pre-drilled holes. 
  • LED keypad – The keypad comes with a backlit so you can conveniently program the code to gain access to the safe. It can be programmed with three to eight digits. 
  • Override keys – You will never be locked out even if you forget the keypad code. This is because the safe comes with override keys. With the keys, you can gain entry to the safe at any time.  


  • Rugged and durable construction
  • Override keys in the event of an emergency
  • Easy to program keypad code
  • It opens smoothly and quietly 
  • The alarm goes off with the wrong combinations after three attempts
  • Spacious and safe to use      


  • Batteries are not included 
  • Short warranty period 

5. Honeywell 5002 Safes & Door Locks

If you are on a budget and looking for a basic safe to store your valuables, the Honeywell 5002 Safe is your best bet. It is extremely portable and affordable. 

Made from steel construction, the safe can provide security and protection for items like handguns, passports, jewellery, documents, medications, cash, etc. This suggests that the safe is spacious. It is also powder-coated to prevent rust and scratches. 

It can be mounted with two steel live locking doors to prevent prying attacks from thieves. It is already pre-drilled for easy mounting. 

On the inside, the safe is well carpeted to ensure that your valuables are not dented or scratched. 

Both the entry and exit are controlled using the key. It comes two keys. It is backed by a 7-year warranty to give you peace of mind.   


  • Tough steel construction – The cabinet and door are made of steel for added security. It is tough to pry-open the safe with a hand tool. With a super nice locking mechanism, the safe is smooth to operate with the key.
  • Spacious – Despite being small and compact, the safe is spacious enough to contain your important valuables. It can store a handgun, passports, jewellery, documents, medications and many more. 
  • Easy mounting – The safe can be mounted either on the floor or wall. It comes with pre-drilled holes for ease of mounting. Mounting the safe with the holes secures it properly and deters thieves from stealing it.       


  • Pre-drilled holes for easy mounting 
  • Well carpeted interior 
  • Steel door and locking bolts for increased security 
  • Pocket-friendly and portable 
  • Well-built and spacious  
  • 7 years warranty 


  • Keys are difficult to duplicate 
  • No steel cable 

6. FSDC-MLC9000 Caretaker Lockable Steel Case

The FSDC-MLC9000 lockable steel case is another pocket-friendly safe that you can use to lock up items like firearms, wallets, documents, medications, jewellery, credit cards, cash, etc.

It is made of metal construction and comes with a black powder-coated finish for durability. The steel case is lined with foam to ensure that your items are not scratched or damaged. 

With four pre-drilled holes, mounting the safe is a breeze. It can be mounted on the wall, floor or by the bedside. It can also be stored in the drawer or under the car seat. The rubber feet make the case to be slip-resistant.

The case is extremely portable and light. It can be transported with ease from one point to another. With the tamper-resistant internal hinge, it would be difficult to pry open the case. 

It comes with a steel cable and backup key.    


  • Strong metal construction – Although this is a basic gun safe, it is constructed with steel to ensure your valuables are safe and protected from theft. With the pre-drilled holes for easy mounting, you can be sure that your valuables are well secured.
  • Multipurpose and versatile – This is not just a basic gun safe for firearms. It is suitable for other applications like the storage of passports, medications, jewellery, etc. It is also versatile since you can easily hide it away in a drawer or under the car seat.
  • Properly lined interior – There are no fears about scratches, dents or damage to your firearm or other valuables. This is because the interior of the safe is well cushioned with enough foam to protect your valuables.  


  • Sturdy steel construction 
  • Spacious and versatile  
  • Light and portable
  • Comes anti-theft cable 
  • Tamper-resistant internal hinge
  • Easy to mount with four pre-drilled holes   


  • Not waterproof or fireproof 
  • Cannot accommodate two full-size handguns 

7. AEGIS 1.12 Digital Security Safe Box

The AEGIS 1.12 Security Safe looks very astonishing. It is a combination of beauty and security. If you would want to combine style and security, this is the gun safe for you. It provides strong security with the durable thick steel material. 

The interior of the safe is well lined to ensure that your valuables are not scratched anytime you want to remove them. It is suitable for different applications such as home, office, hotel and vehicle.

Apart from the storage of pistols, the safe can also be used for the safekeeping of other valuables like jewellery, passports, medications, documents, cash, etc.

The electronic safe grants you quick access whenever you need to pick up any items from it. It is super easy to set your password. 

The alarm goes off after inputting the wrong password three times. You can also gain access with the backup key in case you forget your password.      

When it comes to mounting the safe, it is pretty easy. It could either be mounted on the floor or wall. You can also use it in the car. The safe is easy to set up and use. 


  • Unparallel security – The safe is made from strong steel material to provide optimum security and safety for your valuables. The door comes with two movable locking bolts to prevent prying it open with a hand tool. 
  • Top interior protection – The interior of the safe is properly lined with materials to prevent any damage to your pistols and other assets when removing or inserting any of them.
  • Beautiful and elegant design – This is an elegant safe that can enhance the beauty of your home. It adds style to your décor. Now, you have the chance to combine security and beauty anywhere the safe is mounted.      


  • Top-notch security 
  • Stylish and elegant 
  • Durable and sturdy 
  • Backup key
  • Well lined interior 
  • Easy to set a password


  • Not waterproof or fireproof 
  • The door has no gaskets 

8. XYXHCXG Portable Biometric Fingerprint Lock Box Safe

If you are looking for a biometric fingerprint safe that is under $100, you can opt for this model. This is a multipurpose gun safe that can be used to keep other items like pistols, jewellery, documents, passports, etc. 

The safe can be used both at home and inside a car. You can hide it away in the bedroom because of its portability.   

It comes with a reliable biometric fingerprint technology that can add up to 20 fingerprints. There are no factory settings for the fingerprint. You have to program all fingerprints by yourself.  

Apart from being bio-fingerprint gun safe, the unit is made with tough steel for sturdiness and durability. It is also resistant to corrosion. 

You can mount the safe under the bed or any other large piece of furniture. It uses three AA batteries. Batteries are not included in the package.       


  • Rugged and durable construction – The safe is constructed with alloy steel to increase the security of your valuables. It is a tamper-proof drawer safe that you can use to store your firearm, jewellery, passports, documents and more.   
  • Easy to install – This safe is extremely portable and easy to install. It comes pre-drilled with four holes to ensure that you have a theft-proof mounting. 
  • USB charging – It is difficult to find a biometric fingerprint safe in this price category that charges up with USB. This means you don’t necessarily have to be where there is a power outlet. You can plug it into your PC USB port and you are good to go.     


  • Extremely versatile with convenient micro USB charging 
  • Easy to program fingerprint 
  • Takes up to 20 fingerprints 
  • Sturdy and corrosion-resistant
  • Light and portable
  • Multipurpose application     


  • Batteries are not included 
  • No key backup 

Buyer’s guide – Factors to consider before purchasing the best gun safe under $100 

You may not have the option of being too picky when it comes to choosing the best gun safe under $100. This is because the features are limited.

But there are some considerations you must have at the back of your mind if you want a model that would serve you well. Below are some of the factors you should consider:

1. Steel construction – It is good that you go for a safe with steel construction but you must know that what you will get will be a basic steel gauge. This may mean you will have to use the model temporarily. 

Because of the price range, you don’t have to expect thick steel. A thickness of 14 to 18 gauges will still be okay. 

If you want a safe with strong steel, you will be looking at a model that sells for $300 or more. 

2. Locking mechanism – It is recommended that you choose a safe under $100 with basic locking mechanisms. Go for a model that uses a key or keypad. Going for a biometric option may not give you the quick access that you need.

3. Fire rating – The truth is that a safe at under $100 won’t come with a fire rating. Don’t trust any model in this category that indicates any fire rating. If you want a safe with a fire rating, you may have to cough out around $300.

4. Capacity – How many guns do you have? Answering this question will determine the capacity of your safe. If you have just one gun, you will find a safe that fits one handgun like a hand in a glove. But if you have more than one gun, you will have to look for a model that can contain two guns conveniently.

5. Quick access – Every second matters whenever you are under attack or in danger. This is why it is important to gain quick access to your safe within the split of a second. So, carefully choose a safe that can grant you quick access so you can defend yourself stoutly. 

6. Mounting options – Mounting options is one of the critical considerations when choosing a safe. You can either mount the safe on the floor or wall. To make this possible, you would have to be sure the safe has been pre-drilled for easy mounting. This ensures that the safe is mounted permanently. 

Alternatively, using a security cable is another way to mount it. Ensure that the safe comes with a security cable if you want this option. 

7. Weight – Safes made of steel are naturally heavy. But this won’t be a problem if it would be mounted at home. However, it would be an issue if the safe would be mounted in a car. You must also ensure it comes with a security cable so that it can be properly secured to the car trunk. 

8. Warranty – No matter the safe that you want to purchase, you should make sure it comes with a warranty of at least one year. You may not get a lifetime warranty for a model that is under $100.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1.  How can I open my safe if I forget my combination or password? 

Answer: Almost every safe comes with a master code. You can use the master code to access the safe. Alternatively, you can use the backup key. Always ensure that the backup key is handy. 

  • Where is the best place to mount a gun safe? 

Answer: The best place is the basement. Another place is the bedroom closet.

  • What is the best biometric gun safe under $100?

Answer: It is the XYXHCXG Portable Biometric Fingerprint Lock Box Safe


Honestly, it could be hard choosing the best gun safe under $100 especially if you are a first-timer. This is because there are different designs and sizes on the market. 

To make the right choice, you have to ensure that you read this review properly. Even at that, making a choice can still be a herculean task. 

Here are our recommendations if you are having a hard time making a choice. We recommended the SentrySafe QAP1E Gun Safe with Digital Keypad. It is capable of holding two guns and has an excellent locking mechanism. 

Another option is the First Alert 5200DF Portable Handgun Safe. This model is compact with added security to adequately secure your valuables. The interior is well lined with foam to prevent your valuables from being scratched or damaged.

If you want a biometric gun safe under $100, you can go for the XYXHCXG Portable Biometric Fingerprint Lock Box Safe. It can store up to 20fingerprints. The safe grants you quick access but it has no backup keys.